Annuals for Fall & Winter

There are annuals to be planted for every season in Staten Island.  Fall actually consists of planting for three annuals, at different times in the season.  Mums, cabbages, and tulips are all planted in this season.

Fall Flowers For Your Garden

Mums are the flower for the beginning of autumn. The flowers of the mums are hearty in a wide variety of the colors. We associate this flower with the fall season. They come in yellow, orange, burgundy, white, and umber color. They are a flowering plant which grows like a bouquet and infused into your landscape design they are breathtaking. Our suggestion is always to utilize each color in your garden and pots.

Planting For The Fall

Annual planting continues into fall. In the latter part of Autumn we recommend planting cabbages. They come in purple and white.  They like a mum are a very hearty annual plant. When the days are becoming dreary and short the cabbages are an added bonus to your landscaping. Alternating between the two colors of the cabbage gives an authentic look to your garden. They carry well into the month of December and last to your final clean up of the year.

Planting For The Month Of December

The last annual to be planted in December is the tulip. Tulip bulbs are planted after your final clean-up and your ground is prepped and stripped clean of debris. There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the tulip. The tulip starts from a bulb and needs to germinate underground over the winter. Tulips come in a variety of colors. The crisp white, pinks, reds, purples, oranges, even mixed hybrids of tulips.

In addition to the mixed color tulips, there is a hybrids of tulips which are combination of the peony and the tulip. The peony is a round flower, while the tulip is more elongated. The variety of this hybrid tulip combines the two. When spring has sprung, your tulips by nature do the same. While creating an awesome amount of curb appeal, they give off a fragrant scent. When a passerby walks by a home with a generous amount of tulips they will feel as though they are in a field of flowers just because of the sweet smell of perfume from the tulip.

Hand Selected Annuals And Bulbs

We at Staten Island Lawn Care pick and choose our annuals and bulbs directly from the growers. We also will guide you in what annuals will thrive in our USDA Zone.  We make sure the land is prepped to perfection. We fertilize your plants before they are planted in the ground, and fertilize after.  Plants and flowers need some tender loving care which we provide to ensure their sustainability; however it is your job to water your flowers so that may bloom, and there too we will guide you.

Planting Flowers To Improve Curb Appeal

Don’t take the fall/autumn season for granted.  Make the most of the season which has become warmer over the years.  Don’t forego your curb appeal and being the envy of your block. Remember the first thing anyone notices while approaching your home is your lawn and landscape.  Flowers are certainly an integral part of your Staten Island landscape and garden!