City Tree Planting

Considering a Staten Island Landscape Company? Residential and commercial new construction are always responsible for street tree planting either on site or, off site.  Whether you are a builder, a residential homeowner or commercial client, The NYC Dept of Parks requires all new construction to plant trees with a specific caliber in a specific location based on the square footage of the property and the square footage of the structure/structures being built.

Working With NYC DOP For Tree Planting

We at Staten Island Lawn Care have been working with NYC Dept of Parks for over 15 years.  Landscaping in Staten Island includes planting trees on the streets of your property. We not only plant the trees, but we file for the permits and all necessary paper work to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (yes without a parks department sign off you can’t get your C of O).  We ascertain whether the tree should or should not be on site. These days people are buying older homes and the NYC Dept of Buildings is specifying for sidewalks where one wasn’t before.

In these cases the dimensions of the actual curb grass usually isn’t adequate space for the planting of a tree. New shopping plazas are being built and too many trees are required and will not work on-site. Or in some instances clients are doing sub-divisions and the same scenario stands true. When this occurs we file paperwork for permission for trees to be planted elsewhere, but at the same time get your tree credits as it is referred to. The final determination as to where trees can be planted will be decision of the Parks Department. However we will work in conjunction so that city tree planting is done correctly.

Full Service Tree Planting

With our service we evaluate the property, file all applications, site plans, work with the Department of Parks in a decision to where the trees will be planted, which species will be planted and its caliber. When work has been completed and the trees are planted we submit final photos to ensure a certificate of occupancy will be granted to a homeowner, builder or business owner.  This day and age the Parks Dept is very stringent.


When planting street trees in Staten Island the NYC Dept of Parks only allows certain times of the year for trees to be planted. There are specific dates in the spring and fall only when a street tree can be planted.  The parks department will also assign the species of tree which needs to be planted, its caliber, and mark the exact location.  It sounds easy, but often times its not. There are some instances whereupon the tree decided on by the city agency isn’t anywhere to be had. That too we handle. We go to the farms and see what trees look healthy and which are available for planting in the time decided on by the NYC Department of Parks. We then need to have an ok to proceed and have to give an exact date as to when the trees will be planted to the agency.

Expedited Tree Planting In Staten Island

We expedite this service of city tree planting with fluidity.  We take care of all paperwork, permits, photos, planting, and sign offs. As we are the experts in city tree planting we will handle this service from inception to completion.