Fall Landscaping Service

In Staten Island, fall landscaping is as important as lawn and garden maintenance done throughout the seasons. In the fall the weather cooling down creates a metamorphosis of your grass, flowers, trees and shrubs. Beyond the temperature dropping so are your leaves. Your lawn, shrubs, flowers, and trees actually need more attention. You will see a spurt in the growth of your grass. More care, and clean-up is needed during the months of the end of summer and throughout the fall. While the dog days of summer kept the grass from growing as much, autumn brings revival to your grass.

Personalized Landscaping Service

Most Staten Island landscaping and lawn contractors will sign you up for a 3 times a month program.  We do not. We understand that your grass, gardens, hedges and trees don’t grow according to that timetable. Actually in the summer you can cut your grass less, but in the fall we suggest weekly service for your grass whether it is seed or sod. We also recommend 4 chemical applications to ensure your lawn will look fresh, and will return to life for the next year (we are DEC certified to apply and Rutgers trained), we are experienced in identifying any fungi that your lawn can have developed and will treat that too.

Complete Care For Your Lawn & Garden

In addition to trimming your grass, fall is the time to pick up the leaves. Leaves need to be picked up and be rid of.  While looking like an eyesore, the leaves hinder proper growth. Think of covering a fruit bearing tree with a blanket. It will not grow. That is why leaf removal is crucial. This time of the year its is imperative to rid your overgrown shrubs and hedges of its overgrowth too with trimming, edging and removal of all debris on your property and yard. This is so all shrubs whether they be ornamental or privacy hedges will thrive, and not be too overgrown for the winter which is ahead. Overgrown hedges in winter because of snow and inclement weather will most likely collapse and die.

A Full Service Landscape Company

While fall may be season of extra lawn care and maintenance its also a time for your autumn annuals, mums and other yardwork.  Mums come in those beautiful colors that remind us of fall and add a punch of curb appeal to any front yard and backyard. We handpick our mums from the farms, fertilize, deliver and plant. Its such an inexpensive way to add flowers, while having your neighbors and passer byes say wow!

Serving Staten Island For More Than 25 Years

At Staten Island Lawn Care we have been servicing residential and commercial clients for 25 years and are experts at what we do from season to season.  Autumn is upon us and our expertise in lawn and shrub maintenance from fall back to summer we take pride in. We take pride in our lawn care regardless of the season, as your garden, grass, shrubs, flowers, trees, and plants are a reflection of who we are and what we represent.


Don’t let anyone fool you and say its fall, that’s why the grass looks like that. As long as the weather stays warm in the day with cooling off in the evening we can still have your property in Staten Island looking Great!