Low Ornamental Hedges

At Staten Island Lawn Care we get lots of calls to revamp landscaping and turn to us for land scaping in Staten Island.  A client or new client looking for landscapers often look at their home and say all the landscaping is just up against the house. Often times we get calls from neighbors of someone’s home we did with a small ornamental hedge asking, “can you plant those boxwoods at my house.”  A great way to add curb appeal and spruce up your home is to plant boxwoods on either side of your walkway.

Ornamental Shrubs Staten Island

landscaping staten islandThere are other areas of the home like the backyard which would benefit from a small ornamental shrub. Sometimes a client has a curb wall which was made into a planter in either their backyard or front yard. Planting boxwoods to form a low hedge here too is a great idea to add shrubs which are not overpowering, but just enough planting.  We always suggest to add an annual flower like the waxed begonias in the late spring which last to early fall, and wow have you just added curb appeal and a wow to your front or backyard.

Boxwood Shrubs

The boxwood is a small green shrub. When they are initially planted they look as though they are shrubs independent of each other. By the following summer they form a hedge. The boxwood shrub is also available in different variations of shape. They also come in a cone shape which often times are used as the first and last shrub, or depending on the span of the planting every few feet to create a pattern. When thinking of the boxwood for your lawn think of the low shrubs and plants of an English Garden.


The boxwoods make for a great anchor of drama that Staten Island landscapers like to use in most all landscaping themes. Lined up next to them we always suggest an annual for the season. In the spring you may have your tulips (From the bulbs planted in the winter). In the summer you may have your begonias lined up with your boxwoods, and in the fall mums of varying colors are a tremendous look for landscaping.


Boxwoods are an inexpensive shrub, which we get directly from the farms. When we choose any shrub or plant we only deal with the growers who are known for growing specific shrubs and or plants. While this ensures true fresh hearty plants and shrubs, it also keeps the clients cost down.


Inexpensively our land scapers can add landscaping appeal to your home and property in Staten Island, NY by combining annuals and boxwoods. Staten Island Lawn Care can give you that extra touch of elegance and appeal your garden is needing.