Sprinkler Systems & Maintenance

One of our services which will make a tremendous amount of difference to your lawns and gardens is your sprinkler system.  We at Staten Island Lawn Care offer complete inspection of your lawn and garden watering source and supply and Sprinkler Maintenance.

The person who installed most sprinkler systems are not landscapers they are plumbers. Also the sprinkler system may have been installed without a landscape design plan. While you may have the irrigation system in place often times the sprinkler heads are not the right size, height, or in the right direction to ensure proper watering of your lawn and garden. We at Staten Island Lawn Care modify sprinkler systems on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the most out of your irrigation system.

Inspection Of Your Sprinkler System

Having an irrigation system on your property is not enough. While heads of your sprinkler system do not have a forever shelf life, we often see they are the wrong heads, and the location is not beneficial to the hit the right mark for your lawn, shrubs, hedges and flowers.  We offer a service to maintain the sprinkler system whether it being head replacements, accessing your water pressure, direction of heads, and repairs.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Sprinkler maintenance is very important especially because of the changing climate season to season in Staten Island.  The most important times of year to take care of your sprinkler system is spring and pre-winter. In the spring we will turn on your irrigation system. At that time we will  ensure it is working properly, no heads were destroyed during the harsh winter and the heads are in the right direction.

Clear Our Sprinkler Systems

In late fall it is imperative to blow out your system. The winter at that time is quickly upon us and the last thing any one needs is a pipe freezing. Simply after that we will shut down your sprinkler system and call you to set up an appointment the following spring to start the new season. We offer this with our landscaping as it is an integral part of your lawn and garden maintenance in Staten Island NY.