Landscape Design

Staten Island Lawn Care can give your home your landscape dream.  Whether your property is a clean slate, needs to be redone or needs a touch up or revamp, we will give you a landscape design that will fit your wants, needs and budget.

Expert Landscaping Designers In Staten Island

We pride ourselves on being experts in design. The owner of the company has a master’s degree in landscaping design, is very innovative and inventive with spaces both large and small. Upon consultation we will listen to your vision and make it work comprehensively to fit your property and budget.

More Than Planting Trees And Shrubs

Landscaping Design is not just about installing grass or planting grass seeds or picking out trees, shrubs, bushes, perennials, plants, and hedges. Its about creating a design which creates curb appeal and makes sense for your property, budget and use of your yard.  We take stringent care to ensure you have the proper exposure.  Different shrubs and plants have different needs especially when it comes to sun and time of day. Our experts will help you choose the plants and shrubs which will thrive on your property and work with your irrigation system and take into account if you have a sprinkler system or are using a sprinkler and hose for proper drainage.

3D Landscaping Preview

Your initial visit will begin with a consultation.  We show our clients 2D pictures of landscape designs, but we give you a 3D experience too.  More importantly if you are unsure we take you to physically see shrubs and bushes we have in mind.

Affordable & Customized Design

Some people believe that creating a new landscape design is costly, but we at Staten Island Lawn Care can fit any budget. We are experts and we purchase directly from the growers. This way we know you are getting quality shrubs. Most times less shrubbery is more and combined with perennials and annuals we can turn your front or backyard into your dream landscape.

Plant & Pool Landscape

In addition to designing landscaping your front yard, we create magnificent backyard drama with planting and pool landscapes. We create magnificent exotic tropical gardens too. Combining rocks and an organic flow to any landscape design. Landscaping, plants, flowers, trees and shrubs should never have a stiff appearance, but an organic flow as nature intended while still being impeccably designed.

Planting For Property Privacy

If you desire privacy in your landscaping design we will execute this too. Most often people want arborvitaes, as they are the shrubs that grow into a hedge to create a privacy wall. However sometimes just green isn’t enough for a garden and we will suggest a skip laurel, or another shrub which adds contrast, and distinction to your hedges and create a feel that makes your yard and garden private.

Full Service Lawn Care Contracting Company

Whether you are looking for a new landscape design, a refresh for curb appeal, or have redone your backyard we at Gardens In Bloom are the company to make your landscape design come to fruition.