Mulch Application

Let us mulch your Staten Island property properly and correctly, as it is the finishing touch which has an incredible amount of benefits when done professionally.

Mulch Is Necessary For Your Landscape

Mulch is really the icing on the cake for your landscaping and gardens. When having the proper color mulch there is a contrast that gives a polished look to your shrubs, and flower beds. Mulching creates curb appeal and is also very beneficial to your garden and landscaping for a variety of reasons. Most specifically mulch is barrier for the unwanted of your landscape and gardens.


Mulch comes in a variety of colors. The most popular colors are black, red, and brown mulch.  Mulch creates the curb appeal that creates a pristine look to any flower bed, shrubbery, and hedge bed. It is a finishing touch and actually the more mulch the better.

The Purpose Of Mulch In Your Garden

Why more mulch? In the hot summer months mulch while looking appealing creates a barrier to keep your plant roots cooler.  This is very beneficial for all shrubs, hedges and flowers. When the roots are cooler the plants thrive. The blanketing effect of mulch holds in the soil moisture in the hot months of summer, so they will not be drying out. The mulch helps keep your garden hydrated so that you are not constantly watering, but watering your shrubs on a regular basis consistent with the temperature. This is why we recommend more mulch rather than less. Your shrubs are certainly more costly than the mulch and the barrier it creates will be a benefit to your landscaping and gardens.

Mulch Feeds Nutrients Into Your Lawn

Mulch also adds nutrition. People say my mulch is gone. No mulch by nature breaks down. Consider this very welcoming because as it breaks down its releasing nutrition into your garden, and shrubs, flowers, and plants whereupon they are reaping this reward.


We all hate weeds. We and our clients can attest that weeds are unsightly. Mulch inhibits the weeds from germinating and growing. In this case more is more.


Re-Mulching prior to winter coming is crucial. Mulch is your barrier. It is the blanket to your shrubs and hedges. The Mulch in winter protects the roots of shrubs and plants from the temperature and most importantly helps prevent frost-heaving. Due to the falling temperatures in winter, winds and storms without an adequate amount of mulch your shrubs and plants can heave out of the ground. This is because soil expands and contracts.

In winter the temperature is much more erratic. As a landscaping company in Staten Island, NY we experience this each and every season. We can have a 20 degree day and then the next day the temperature will jump to 50 degrees. This causes a tremendous expansion and contracting in the soil. Mulch protects the shrubs from lifting out of the ground.

We’re The Expert Landscaping Company In Staten Island, NY

People often forego their lawns and landscaping during the fall winter months; however we urge you not to. Let us use our expertise to keep your garden and shrubs prepared with mulch application. We are experts at not only curb appeal, but the science of landscaping, and preserving your lawn, gardens, and shrubs.