Privacy Hedges, Trees & Bushes

A privacy hedge starts its life as a shrub. Hedges while being able to provide privacy are also ornamental in nature. There are a variety of shrubs, trees and bushes which can be grown separately for ornamental purposes and can be planted in a pattern to create privacy and seclusion for your home in Staten Island, NY.

Privacy Through Landscaping

If you are looking for privacy in your backyard ornamental shrubs are a beautiful alternative to a fence. Hedges create a suburban organic natural look. While adding drama and appeal they serve the alternative purpose of intimacy.

We at Staten Island Lawn Care are a full service landscape maintenance and design company. We do many landscaping projects for back and side yard hedges. While individuals want privacy they want a serene look of a manicured forest.

Popular Shrubs, Trees & Bushes To Create Privacy

The most popular shrub clients are looking for is the arborvitae. Most people are very familiar with the tall slender shrub with feather like whispery leaves. Other shrubs which make for a spectacular hedge are the skip laurel, and the photinia shrubs.

Skip Laurels like the arborvitae grow together to form a hedge. The Skip Laurels also are green in color; however they have waxy pronounced leaves. The skip laurel is just another appealing shrub to create initimacy.

If you are looking for a shrub varying with colors of green and reds, the photinia shrub is right for you.  Photinias have leaves similar to the skip laurels; however there is more dimension when these shrubs turn into a hedge as they have leaves of greens and reds, which add more contrast and an added pizzaz to your garden while it be in the front, side or back yards.

Handpicked Shrubs For Your Property

Regardless of which shrubs you choose, each will give you an ornamental look while creating the privacy you desire. At Staten Island Lawn Care we go directly to the farm to handpick each shrub. We make sure the plants are healthy and develop into full privacy hedges, trees and bushes.

We strategically plant each shrub leaving enough space for them to grow, and anchor. We prep the ground, fertilize, and mulch. These shrubs will eventually grow on top of another to form a hedge which usually takes about one year. As all living things with proper water, sunlight, and nutrients, the plants roots will anchor and they will flourish into a gorgeous organic hedge around your home in Staten Island.